Chicken Dance and a Roller Skating Party #WW

We were invited to a roller skating party for a family friend’s 5-year old. I was a little nervous about it — neither David nor I have roller skated since 1991-ish, Lakin is afraid to try roller skating, so I worried that she would be bored and/or grumpy, and my kids would be the oldest ones at the birthday party. Nevertheless, I wanted to see our dear friends Craig and Kristin. The girls and I lived with them briefly in early 2008 and they’re fun, funny… just really great people… so we headed out to the roller skating rink.

We got to the skate rink and well, it hasn’t changed since 1991-ish. I mean, maybe not since 1971-ish. It’s pretty much exactly like I remember it as a child. Not a single thing has changed that I could see, which made the whole party even more fun and nostalgic. The kids who could skate were flying around the polished floor, clucking and wagging to the Chicken Dance, putting their right feet in and out for the Hokey Pokey… just like we used to do when we were their age.

Roller Skating Party

Addah was determined to learn how to roller skate, so David put on a pair of skates and bravely headed for the floor with her. This man used to be a whiz on skates, but in the 20-some intervening years… not so much. He stayed mostly upright though and coaxed Addah through the beginner steps of roller skating. She did very well, much better than I did on my first roller skating escapade!

Right as the party was winding to a close and the deejay was calling for skates to be turned in, she coasted across the floor on her own steam. Now she can’t wait to visit the Skate Rink again!

And in case you wondered, my worries about Lakin being bored (and ergo, grumpy) turned out to be unfounded. She occupied herself very well, spending the majority of her time helping to watch the many little kids who came to the party. No one can ever accuse this girl of not being helpful, that’s for sure!

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  • Oh David and Addah in that video had me almost in tears. Truly adorable seeing him try to help her learn to skate and was picturing Kevin with my own girls someday. Well, you already know my skating story, but I would also still take one for the team if it made one or both of my girls happy. So, bravo to your husband! 🙂

    • I almost posted the video where David wiped out and started laughing as he hit the floor… very cute and highly entertaining (for me anyway!) but I figured I better ask him before I go embarrassing him on YouTube. He’s a good sport, and he really loved helping Addah learn to skate. 🙂

      • Oh too funny though and I think you posted the better video anyways!! 🙂

  • Cyndi

    You have me wondering if I should go back to where I roller skated as a kid and see if it’s still the same. Haha. What fun!

  • Ruchira

    aah…these indoors of roller skating are so brilliantly lit…love it!!

    great clicks. the video was awesome 🙂

    • I love the bright lights… even if it is a little like being in a disco club!

  • Kelly Gentry

    I love the honesty of your blog. I have followed/liked you all over! Here from TGIF.