Happy Memorial Day!

It’s Memorial Day and the pools are open! We’ve spent the last two days in the pool and it has been wonderful. We plan to spend a good bit of our summer there, soaking up the sun’s rays.

I really love to swim. It’s most definitely my favorite kind of exercise, hands down. I spent many happy days of my childhood in the pool at my grandparent’s property, and I always think of those carefree days when I’m swimming.

Memorial Day in the pool

I remember that first sunburn of the summer, and how our skin would peel and then we’d tan and freckle. I remember the big blisters we’d get on our fingertips and toes from hanging on to and pushing off of the sides of the cement pool. I remember that the pool light would buzz a little if you touched it when it was turned on.

I remember the cooler filled with summer sausage, sliced chunk cheese and vienna sausages. I remember drinking grape and orange Fanta and RC colas all summer long. I remember Grandpa telling us we better sit under the umbrella for a while after we ate, so we wouldn’t get stomach cramps, and that we shouldn’t hang on the rope that divided the pool into shallow and deep sections.

Memorial Day in the pool

I remember swimming at night with the pool light on and the bats flying overhead. I remember falling in love with that gorgeous piece of land when I was a little child in the pool, jumping off of my uncle’s shoulders and diving for weighted sticks with my cousins.

So many wonderful memories, and I am glad to be able to have these same experiences with my kids. It’s been very nice to spend happy time with David and the girls, letting the worries and the pain of the past year roll away, even if only for a little while.

I wish you all a happy Memorial Day shared with family and friends!

Memorial Day at the pool

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  1. So jealous of the pool and your weather. We finally are warming up today and it is 72 degrees out. Saturday, it was 45 degrees, raining and windy. So no pool here, yet!! We are supposed to hit 90 by the end of the week. So fingers crossed. Hope you are having a great day and loved all the pictures, too!! 🙂

    1. If you were closer, I’d say to bring the kids on over! Wouldn’t that be fun? 🙂 It’s still chilly here at night, but it warms up nicely during the day. I imagine it’s going to be a crazy hot summer here, after that long winter!

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