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Old School Blogging
Today I’m linking up with Elaine (Miss Elaine-ous) for some old school blogging. This month’s topic is pop culture! Join in (please!) and link up so we can all read and laugh and smile at your answers!

1.  What was one of your favorite shows as a kid?  Why?

When I think about being a kid, I think about cartoons. My brother and I watched a lot of Disney channel (of course this was old school Disney channel, so no midriff tops or tween attitude). We watched Mousterpiece Theater, Good Morning, Mickey and Mickey Mousercise. We also watched a fair amount of He-Man and She-Ra, Smurfs, The Get-Along Gang, and Care Bears. They were simple, fun… they made us laugh. I wish there were more cartoons on like those nowadays.

When I was a bit older, I really got into watching Party of Five and My So-Called Life. So many cute guys… so little time.

2. Which actress(es) do you see on the red carpet and kinda wish you could be for a day (or three)?

I honestly can’t think of a single celebrity or actress that I would want to be for a day. I mean, I’ll take their paychecks in a heartbeat, but I’m happy with who I am. Really!

3.  Which actor do you wish you could, um… hang out with? 😉

Josh Holloway. You know, Sawyer? James Ford from LOST? Oh yes, he and I can… hang out… anytime. Fun fact… he’s the purse thief from the Aerosmith video of “Cryin'”, and he was gorgeous then too.

Old School Blogging - Pop Culture - Sawyer from LOST

4. What is one (or two or some) of your favorite movies that you have seen in the last few years?

I really like the new(er) Star Trek movie. I was not a Star Trek fan prior to this movie, had not watched the old TV episodes or any of the old movies — facts which make my Trekkie husband cringe — but I did really enjoy the new one, and I’m looking forward to seeing the next one, which comes out at the end of this month.

Other than that… X-men Origins: Wolverine is a favorite. If I hadn’t answered “Josh Holloway” to question #3, I would have said “Liev Schreiber”, especially with the teeth bared and the sharp pointy claws of Sabretooth. Mmm.

Old School Blogging - Pop Culture - Sabretooth from X-Men Wolverine

5. Who is one celebrity out there now that you could totally do without? That you wish would just disappear?

Any of the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, or any of that crowd that seems to be famous just for… being famous.

6. Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who? What did you say/do when you met them?

I’ve never met a celebrity… I don’t hang out in places where celebrities are likely to gather. 😉

7.  Which shows do you look forward to watching every week?

We tend to watch TV shows that are already on Netflix, for the most part. We do keep up with The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time. We used to watch Doctor Who as it came on, but neither of us are big fans of the Eleventh Doctor, so now we just watch them after the fact. We’re currently watching LOST again, this time with the girls, who are pretty fascinated with the Island.

7 Replies to “Old School Blogging – Pop Culture”

  1. Seriously, you just brought back so many memories with My So Called Life (loved that show and was so upset when it got cancelled) and Aerosmith’s Cryin’ video (loved that song and must have watched the video a 1,000 times on MTV). Yay to another fun Old School Blogging!! 🙂

    1. I watched the video for Cryin’ last night, then had to look up Crazy and Livin’ on the Edge.. which led me to Guns ‘n’ Roses’ November Rain.. I went on an early 90s video binge! 🙂

  2. Josh Holloway is a looker. Wouldn’t mind being stranded on an island with him for sure! And I used to love Saturday morning cartoons too. Do you remember Kids Incorporated? Loved it! 😉 thanks for linking up!

    1. I know, right? 😉

      I loved Kids Incorporated! K! I! D! S! I’d forgotten about it!

      Thanks for hosting Old School Blogging… I’m really enjoying linking up every month.

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