Better Together – Summer Style 2013

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My husband has been after me for a long time to go shopping and expand my dismally boring wardrobe. He’s right… after all, I do still have (and wear) t-shirts from before I had any children, and maybe it is time to throw out some of those old reliable holey t-shirts and yoga pants.

I went shopping online at Lane Bryant and picked out several new outfits… pretty tank tops and skirts that are long enough to be flattering but short enough to be cool (literally and figuratively). I did a little shopping at the beginning of Spring, but I love those new pieces of clothing so much that they are in a near constant rotation and they’ve been washed a LOT for fairly new clothing. I imagine these newest outfits will get much the same treatment.

Better Together - Summer Style 2013

We don’t have a washer and dryer in our apartment, so it’s Laundromat City for us. No fun, especially when you’re talking multiple loads of laundry per week. I tend to rush through our laundry, tossing everything in the super-quadruple loaders, moving on to the big huge quadruple dryers, toss it all in the trunk, and fold it at home the next day. Not the best way to treat your clothing, to be sure, but it’s all about speed and efficiency when you’re talking about hanging out in an often-creepy late-night laundromat.

I rarely bother with fabric softener or dryer sheets. I buy them, but then I forget to grab them from the trunk of the car, or I leave the laundry running while I drive to the gas station to buy a cold water, and miss my window for adding fabric softener.

This week, I decided that I would make a point to use three laundry products together: Tide®, Downy® and Bounce® fabric sheets. To be honest, it added no time to my laundry ritual — and I’ve been avoiding fabric softener all this time because I was sure it was an unnecessary step, but it really wasn’t… and it smells just delightful! Totally worth incorporating into our regular routine!

Tide®, Downy® and Bounce® are better together and I feel like my new clothes will stay brighter and newer for longer while I am using them. Can’t go wrong with that!

Better Together - Summer Style 2013

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*vs. leading value detergent alone

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  • So jealous of the new wardrobe. I needed new sunglasses and finally caved, but trying so hard to save for the rest of the down payment for our first real house and seriously trying to curb spending on so many different levels for months now. Loved the new clothes though and good for you. Totally well deserved!! 🙂

    • Thanks Janine! I’m terrible about buying new clothes, but David is good about forcing me to go shopping at least once a year. This bunch of clothes was a gift… and could not have come at a better time, because there was definitely no room for clothes in our budget!

      Good luck saving up the rest of what you need for your first house! That’s amazing, and I am totally jealous!