Insane Goals – May 2013 Update

Insane GoalsOur family working through a list of several goals that we want to accomplish this year. We’re making a serious and conscience effort to work toward accomplishing each one of these goals, as well as the goals on our 101 Things in 1,001 Days list. Overall, we’re doing okay with sticking to our goals… not great, but not terrible.

I am taking one day out of every month to go over our successes and failures from the previous month. I do well with the pressure of being accountable to others, and this monthly post will hopefully inspire us to stay on task and check items off of the list. {January} {February} {March} {April}

Rebekah at has her own monthly Insane Goals going too, and I encourage you to join in – it’s not too late to set goals and make changes for the year!

How We Did in May…

May has been our worst month this year, budget-wise, for a number of reasons. Things were so very tight this month, and I’d like to never see our numbers this low again, if we can help it. We’ve made some tweaks to our expenses and budget, so hopefully June will have a brighter financial report for us.

We’ve been eating cheap this month. Cheap doesn’t always equate healthy on many days, but I’m making more food from scratch, so in some ways it is a step in the right direction for us. However, that 5 pounds that I had lost… it’s back. Where it came from, I don’t know, because I’m the type to skip breakfast and lunch on most days (and maybe that’s the problem, I keep my body in starvation mode). I’m a lot more active on a regular basis, so I like to think the weight loss is going to catch up soon.

The girls finished out the school year with fairly good grades; not great, but much better than they were two months ago. David and I did get a “date night” in May! We had plans to see a movie and have dinner out… in the end we just stayed home while the kids were gone for the night, and that was just as nice as going out.

We’ve gotten rid of a lot of excess “stuff” in the past month, which makes the house easier to keep uncluttered and clean. I sold most of the cloth diapers that we had collected for Clara {the rest are still for sale, if you’re interested}, and I organized and re-boxed the baby clothes. I think we’re going to store those at my mother’s house for my brother and his wife’s future babies. I’m contemplating what to do with the bassinet and car seat. They take up a lot of space, but getting rid of them feels so sad and final.

I finished only a single knit baby loss blankets in May, for a current total of seventeen blankets. These will all be donated to St. Francis Eastside hospital in Greenville, SC, during the first week of July 2013. I’ve completed 50 small sets and 75 large sets of Teeny Tears diapers for tiny babies who are born too early, between 18 and 32 weeks gestation. These will be donated in July as well.

David and I listened to “It” on audiobook and just started “Amazonia”, which we’ve read before but both enjoy listening to. I’ve been playing a lot of Sudoku in car line this past month, rather than reading.

We made a rather huge decision this past month to stop trying to conceive another baby. We’re not actively preventing, but we’ve abandoned the temping/charting/testing/stressing cycle. We’re still coming to terms with whether we are completely done or if we’re hoping for a happy accidental pregnancy.

As for my blogging goals, my blog traffic increased quite a bit from the previous month, and I increased my blog income by quite a bit, both of which make me very happy. I wrote 16 posts in May, finally exceeding my base goal! I’m still working on increasing my number of followers on Bloglovin (please, follow me there!) and I’m spending more time on Google Plus.

Moving on to June… the halfway point!

I have updated my original Insane Goals post below, with completed goals crossed out and new additions added in italics.

Insane Goals for 2013

Life Goals

  • Save $1000 in an emergency fund. ($0 towards this goal as of 5/30/13)
  • Take a vacation.
  • Monthly date nights for David and I. {May}
  • Donate blankets and diapers to the hospital in July {in memory of Clara}.
  • Lose 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 30 lbs, 50 lbs, 70 lbs, 90 lbs, 110 lbs, 130 lbs, 150 lbs. {Yep, I’m a big girl.}
  • Swim at least 4 times every week.
  • Participate in Greenville’s Zombie Walk.
  • Attend Renaissance Faire in Charlotte, NC.
  • Read 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 books!
House Goals
  • Organize/declutter: my work area & filing cabinet, our closet.
  • Container gardening – I love growing herbs and vegetables, and I really missed having a place to exercise my green thumb last year. I can’t plant in the ground at our apartment, but I can do some container gardening, and I intend to!
  • Paint coffee table/foot locker to match the living room.
Cooking Goals
  • Use bread machine more!
  • Freeze casseroles for nights when I don’t feel like cooking.
Parenting Goals
  • Get pregnant!
  • Encourage the kids to be more self-reliant (bathing without an argument, for instance).
  • Get the kids and their chores sorted out!
Blogging Goals {Heather}
  • Increase my monthly traffic.
  • Post at least 15 times per month.
  • Increase blogging income every month.
  • Minor redesign elements.
  • Write more guest posts.
Work Goals {David}
  • Get a promotion and raise.
  • Complete HVAC certification.
  • Finish setting up RedBubble shop.
  • Sell at least one original drawing.
Kid Goals
  • Have a sleepover with a friend. {Lakin}
  • Go to Frankie’s Fun Park.
  • Save $50 and open a savings account. {Addah}
  • Save $50 and open a savings account. {Lakin}
  • Set up loom and make a small blanket. {Addah}
  • Work on my book every month. {Lakin}
  • Plan pool party for Lakin’s 12th birthday.
  • Plan memorial event for Clara’s 1st birthday.

Knitting & Crochet Goals

  • Finish queen-size ripple blanket. {crochet}
  • Finish David’s stripey socks. {knit}
  • Finish 5, 10, 15, 20 blankets for hospital/loss donations. {knit}

Insane Goals 2013

5 Replies to “Insane Goals – May 2013 Update”

  1. We had a rough month money wise and just with having to pay pre-school for both kids to hold their September spot, finish paying off dance and a few other bills that came due. It is so true when it rains it pours in this case. I also saw you and David decided not to actively try to conceive anymore and must tell you I know quite a few people who ended up pregnant when they took this stance. And secretly hope that is the case for you guys, too 🙂

    1. I’m sorry things are rough for you all too. Let’s hope the raining and pouring lets up for both of our families in the coming weeks and months!

      I keep hearing the stories of people who stopped trying to get pregnant and found themselves with accidental double blue lines… but I really don’t believe (deep down) that it will happen for us. If it does, you’ll be among the first to know! 🙂

    1. Thanks for following, Roshni! I feel like I forgot to list a lot of my goals… but maybe that’s just because I keep forgetting to do the ones that are written down, and doing the ones that aren’t written down! 😉

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