Rockin’ The Samsung WB200 Smart Camera! #SocialCamera

Collective Bias Disclosure

Last year, I practically begged my husband for a new camera. Our old camera had broken and all we’d had for over a year was our cell phones for pictures. We didn’t have iPhones, just basic cell phones, so as you can imagine, the picture quality and resolution were dismal — there was no way we could print out those photos for scrapbooks or photo albums.

With lots of big life changes to look forward to, we decided to buy a fancy, expensive camera. Of course, we didn’t realize until it was too late that we should have set aside enough money for the higher zoom lens for this fancy, expensive camera. I love this camera, but it is not the most portable, not the easiest for taking pictures on the fly, and the zoom function with the basic lens leaves much to be desired.

With end-of-school programs and a lot of family gatherings coming up, we knew we needed to look for a smaller, more portable camera with a much better zoom function… and it needed to be pretty cheap. When I was offered the opportunity to shop at Walmart and try out the new Samsung WB200 compact system camera with Wi-Fi direct connectivity and an 18x long zoom, I was very excited. {You can see all the details of our shopping trip in my Google+ album.}

This camera meets all of our criteria, including the price point. It was priced at $199.00 in the store, but when I checked out at the Photo Center register, it rang up at only $179.00! $20.00 savings? Yes, please!

Samsung WB200 Smart Cameras

I honestly wasn’t sure if the Samsung WB200 was going to be able to match the photo quality of my bigger camera, but it surprised me! My husband and I each carried one of our cameras on our recent trip downtown for an open-air Cowboy Mouth rock concert. You can barely tell any difference in the photographs at all!

Quality Comparison - Old vs. New Samsung WB200 Smart Camera

And the zoom… oh my, the zoom! Our old camera will zoom up to 30mm with the basic lens. Our new Samsung WB200 smart camera will zoom up to 72mm! This difference was very evident at the concert. My husband took a snapshot of our girls and I from one side of the river, using the Samsung WB200 long zoom, and I snapped a picture of him using our old camera. Similarly, I took pictures of the Cowboy Mouth concert from across the river using our old camera, while David used our new Samsung smart camera to take close-up shots of the lead singer/drummer, Fred LeBlanc. Isn’t the difference astounding?

Zoom Comparison - Old vs. New Samsung WB200 Long Zoom Camera

The Wi-Fi Direct connectivity is pretty awesome — it has several different wireless features.

  • MobileLink: allows you to connect a smartphone to your camera and copy captured photos and videos from the camera to the smartphone.
  • Remote Viewfinder: shows previews of images from your camera on a smartphone and lets you capture photos.
  • Auto Backup: allows you to transfer recent photos and videos to your computer wirelessly.
  • Email: allows you to email stored photos and videos.
  • SNS & Cloud: allows you to upload photos and videos to social networking sites, such as Facebook, Picasa and YouTube, and cloud services, such as SkyDrive.

What does all of that mean? Well, when Addah met the lead guitarist for Cowboy Mouth and posed for a picture, I emailed it directly to friends and family. No need to wait until we got home to share the excitement!

Meeting JT of Cowboy Mouth - Samsung Wi-Fi Cameras

The Samsung WB200 also has a 3-in. hybrid touch screen, panoramic feature, split screen, macro and low light photography, and a ton of photo editing filters: miniature, vignetting, ink & oil painting, cartoon, cross filter, sketch, soft focus, fish-eye, classic (black/white), retro and zooming shot. Edit your pictures on the camera and then upload them straight to Facebook — it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Samsung WB200 Smart Cameras Built-In Filters

If you prefer to take photographs using manual settings for aperture and shutter speed, you can do that as well. This would be a great camera for a new photographer who’s learning about manual photography settings.

David thinks the new camera belongs to him (shh, don’t tell him he’s wrong) and the tweens keep stealing it to take pictures of their neighborhood friends. We really couldn’t be happier with our new wireless Samsung Smart Camera!

Keep up to date with Samsung by following them on Facebook and Twitter. The Samsung WB200 Smart Camera is currently available in stores or online at Walmart.

Rockin' The Samsung WB200 Smart Camera! #SocialCamera

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  • Love your new camera and great deal. Wish I would have known you were in the market for a new one, because with Kevin working at Canon, you could have gotten something through us with his company discount. If you ever do need again, just let me know and would totally try to help you guys out!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the offer, Janine! I’m hoping we won’t need to go camera shopping again for a long time… we’re pretty well set at the moment!

  • Summer

    I like what you did with the photo effects. it’s a good way to reference what your photo will look like. Nice!

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  • I love that you can quickly share fun moments with friends and family!

    • So do I, Chelsea! We’re loving this new camera!

  • Hunnitee

    I was debating whether if i should buy this or not…Thank you for the great review!