Summer Fuel Rewards with @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun #MC


It’s officially summer and the kids have a million ideas about what they’d like to do. Unfortunately, very few of those ideas are free. I don’t know if it’s a “tween thing” or what, but apparently the days of happily braiding {free} friendship bracelets and drawing {free} chalk designs on the front walk are over.

When asked what they’d like to do over their summer vacation, their answers ranged from “pool party with my friends” and “Six Flags in Atlanta” to “that hotel at the beach with the water park in the lobby” and “the mall, so I can get some new cool summer clothes, because the ones I have now are boring”.

Okay… deep breath.

We’re not made of money. We’re not even comfortably getting our bills paid every month. We’re still firmly in the oh-my-gosh-we’re-out-of-bread-and-we-don’t-get-paid-for-a-week zone, so clearly we’re going to have to do some fancy financial footwork if we want to scratch anything off of our tweens’ “Must Do” lists this summer.

One of our biggest expenses this year has been our gas budget. We don’t drive long distances, but between school and David’s job, we do a lot of driving within a small area. This figure doesn’t go down much in the summer; school is out for the girls, but David does more driving between the various schools in our area, helping the custodial crews with all the work that must be done.

Summer Fuel Rewards with MasterCard! #FuelFamilyFun #MC

This is where the Fuel Rewards Network helps us so much with saving on our budget. The Fuel Rewards Network is a free loyalty program that allows you to earn savings on fuel when you purchase groceries. All you have to do to start earning rewards is visit the Fuel Rewards website and sign up. It’s very simple and takes almost no time at all. If you link your MasterCard, you can earn an additional 3¢/gal for every $100 you spend on groceries! You can even use a MasterCard debit card to sign up, if you’ve given up all credit cards, as we have!

I went grocery shopping yesterday (visit my Google+ album to see how that went!) and spent just over $100. I paid with the MasterCard debit card that I linked to the Fuel Rewards Network and saved a total of 10¢ off per gallon – 3¢ for spending $100 with a linked MasterCard, a one-time 5¢ bonus for linking up my MasterCard, plus 2¢ in grocery rewards fuelperks!

We’ve been using the Fuel Rewards program with MasterCard for the last two weeks and we’re already up to 55¢ off per gallon in fuel rewards! Now, we have had family in town and we’ve done a lot more grocery shopping than usual, but still, that’s a huge savings!

Summer Fuel Rewards with MasterCard! #FuelFamilyFun #MCI normally spend around $300/month on groceries, so I could be earning between 30¢ and 55¢ per gallon in fuel rewards every time I fill up using the Fuel Rewards Network! We have a 15 gallon tank in our PT Cruiser and we typically fill up three times per month. Gas is averaging $3.16/gallon this week in our area, which means it will cost us $47.40 to fill up our tank.

Our current 55¢ savings on each gallon brings the cost down to $39.15 — about $8.25/tank or $25/month savings!

I don’t know how tight the average family’s fuel budget is, but $25 is a tremendous savings for us! With that extra money every month in our summer fun budget, we will certainly be able to replace some of those “boring” summer clothes for the tweens, or throw an awesome pool party for Lakin’s 12th birthday!

The best part? I didn’t have to do anything except visit the website, sign up and add my MasterCard… then shop like usual!

Summer Fuel Rewards with MasterCard! #FuelFamilyFun #MC

Hurry up and get signed up… the faster you do, the more you can save! For more information and to keep up with all the news about the FRN program, you can follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.

What will you do with the money you save using the Fuel Rewards Network & MasterCard?

Summer Fuel Rewards with MasterCard! #FuelFamilyFun #MC

12 Replies to “Summer Fuel Rewards with @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun #MC”

    1. We bought gas last night for $2.64/gallon… I was so impressed with myself! You should sign up, Melanie. It’s free, so no reason not to get started saving money. 🙂

  1. Saving $.55 cents a gallon is pretty awesome! I can relate to being on a budget. I don’t travel far but my jeep eats gas like crazy so it’s always great to have an extra way to save!

    1. So do we… we’re hooked! We’ve saved money every single time we’ve bought gas since we joined the Fuel Rewards Network… at least $0.30/gallon every time, and we got $0.90/off once! $0.90/gallon off is AMAZING!

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