Happy 12th Birthday, Lakin!

My oldest daughter Lakin’s 12th birthday was yesterday, but she’s decided that she’s not “officially” a year older until exactly 10:55pm, the time she was born on July 16, 2001. I was going to post these pictures yesterday, but she requested that I wait until she was “actually 12”. So, here we are!

We had an awesome Pokemon birthday party on Saturday, complete with super cool Pokemon “Pokeball” fondant cake that David and I spent all night decorating. {Check out this post with fondant cake decorating tips and hints for beginners!}

We also decorated two dozen Pikachu cupcakes — and in case you don’t speak Pokemon, Pikachu is one of the more popular characters, widely considered to be the mascot of the Pokemon franchise. He’s not Lakin’s absolute favorite Pokemon, but we were pretty well out of energy by that point and fondant decorating two dozen cupcakes to look like Squirtle the turtle just wasn’t going to happen. Next year!

Pokemon & Pikachu Tween Birthday Party!

Early Sunday morning, we headed over to the video game store so Lakin could use the gift card that was burning a hole in her pocket. She traded in two older games for store credit and used the whole amount to buy… a new Pokemon game! Who would have ever guessed?

In addition to the new game, she is also the proud owner of FOUR new Pokemon t-shirts, several brand new outfits, and a make-up bag with mascara (clear), powder (ivory), and lip gloss (nude). I’m willing to let her start wearing a little make-up, but as you can see, I’m not ready for it to look like she’s wearing make-up. In time, my girl, in time.

Pokemon & Pikachu Tween Birthday Party!

All in all, she said it was an “awesome” birthday – the highest of compliments from a tween!

(I can’t believe I’m almost the mother of a full-blown teenager! Yikes! Where did the last dozen years go!?)

Pokemon & Pikachu Tween Birthday Party!

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  • Considerer

    Ahhhh Happy Birthday Lakin.

    Heather, you did a marvellous job on the cakes – kudos to you 🙂

    • Aww thanks! It was tasty too… very tasty!

  • Rebekah

    You were linked up before me at Create with Joy’s WW today and now I am craving cake :). Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    • Thanks Rebekah! I apologize for kicking off a craving for cake this early in the morning! 😉

  • Awesome cake! Happy Birthday Lakin!

    My kid sister loved Pokemon too. Now at 18yrs old she can still name all of them

    • Thanks Christene! Lakin’s been into Pokemon for far longer than I thought she would be… years! She knows everything there is to know about those characters… too bad she doesn’t find long division and fractions as exciting! 😉

  • Still love that cake so much and Happy Birthday again to Lakin!! I love that our girls are a day apart as far as birthdays go. 🙂

  • oh! what a unique name! I love it! Happy Birthday to her!!


  • Posh on a Budget

    That is too sweet. Happy birthday to her! http://poshonabudget.com/2013/07/ww-walking-on-water.html

  • angie lee

    Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl!!

  • Happy Birthday! My sons love Pokemon both the show and the DS game. I’m sure they would have loved a party like this. So happy she had a good day. 🙂

    • Thank you! I highly recommend the Pokemon party… there are just so many directions you can go with it! 🙂

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  • TaMara

    A late happy birthday to Lakin! I’m super impressed with your cake decorating skills. I’ve never worked with fondant.

    TaMara @ Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  • Suzanne McClendon

    Happy belated birthday to Lakin. I’ve only ever heard of one other person with that name. I think that it is nice to have such a unique name. Have a great day!

  • So glad you joined me for Wordless Wednesday at The Jenny Evolution. Silence may be golden, but I hope you’re making some noise this weekend.