Outdoor Summer Fun… Rain or Shine!

In Upstate South Carolina, it’s been raining to beat the band. We’ve watched a lot of Netflix and played a lot of Minecraft and Pokemon games, but we’ve also managed to squeeze in some outdoor summer fun during the (few and far between) dry spells. The girls have had a wonderful time playing with a big box of chalk (48 colors!) that I picked up on a whim. Best $8 I’ve ever spent!

For the Fourth of July, we had a midday barbecue at my mother’s house, so we could visit with my little niece and nephew, who were in town for the holiday. Cheeseburgers, pasta salad and a big ol’ cookie cake = one awesome holiday celebration!

Outdoor Summer Fun... Rain or Shine!

When we got home, Lakin and Addah drew big American flags and brilliant fireworks on our front patio. David ducked out between rain showers and grilled chicken for us… so delicious! He’s thrilled to have a grill again, courtesy of my papa and stepmother. Grilling is definitely his idea of perfect outdoor summer fun. He’s still getting used to the charcoal grill, after having a gas grill for years, but I think he’s adapted wonderfully. To be honest, I’m thinking I might ask him to grill dinner every night between now and October!

Outdoor Summer Fun... Rain or Shine!

We tried to catch the downtown Greenville fireworks, which were launched in spite of the downpour, but we only managed to catch the tail end. Personal fireworks aren’t technically allowed in our neck of the woods, but that didn’t stop our brave neighbors from lighting up the night (all night) with Roman candles and bottle rockets!

The entire weekend was a rainy mess, but it finally dried up for a full 24 hours yesterday — and the girls couldn’t wait to get out of the house! They enlisted the help of their buddy upstairs and decorated the entire front walkway and part of the parking lot with chalk drawings.

The only downside to the girls spending so much time outside is that the bugs and mosquitoes are everywhere! I don’t deal well with constant itching bites, and our natural bug spray only works for so long, so I spent a good bit of my “outdoor summer fun time” inside, in the air conditioning, knitting a pair of socks for David. Hey, different strokes for different folks! 

I like to think that our childless neighbors appreciate the bright colors and whimsy of Pokemon and stick figure children dancing on the asphalt. If not, they won’t have long to wait before the chalk is all washed away — it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow!

Outdoor Summer Fun... Pokemon Chalk Drawings!

If you look closely, you’ll see Lakin wearing the t-shirt she tie-dyed last year!

What kind of outdoor summer fun are you enjoying?

Outdoor Summer Fun... Rain or Shine!

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  • Considerer

    Awww so much fun. I used to love chalking on the pavements and once my friends and I did a MASSIVE picture which stretched all the way to the end of the street…then the grumpy old woman who lived there came out and yelled at us and made us wash it off outside her house 🙁

    • A few years ago, when my brother was coming home after 8 months of working on a cruise ship, his wife and my girls and I wrote his name in HUGE chalk letters down my mom’s street! It was so cool… I’ll have to dig out those pictures! Love playing with chalk!

      • Guest

        Yeah! Please do. Wow I haven’t done chalking for ages! Might have to indulge in a pack and use Niece and Neff as an excuse

      • Joe derp

        (somehow on Husby’s account and can’t sign out) I haven’ played chalk for AGES! I might just have to go and get some now and use Niece and Neff as my excuse 😀

  • Oh sorry it has been raining so much. I am not going to talk, because surprisingly the sun has been out and strong for days, which means we are due and sure it will be coming our way any minute now. But we too had a great weekend and even saw some fireworks before the girls got scared. By the way, I loved the chalk drawings, especially the flag. Great job and kudos to the girls!! 🙂

    • I hope the rain goes away entirely for a little while! I’m glad you all had a great weekend… and I hope the week has continued to be a good one (with no rain)!

  • Jen

    We swam in the rain the other day and quite enjoyed it! 🙂 We have some pokemon lovers in this house, too, and I think they’d love doing it, even in the rain. 🙂

    • Swimming in the rain sounds lovely! The manager of our apartment complex tends to lock the pool up when it rains… when it even looks like rain! Instead we play endless rounds of Pokemon; my girls are Pokemon addicts!

  • angie lee

    We have been swimming like crazy. 🙂 LOVE summer for that.

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  • TaMara

    We did sidewalk chalk here the other day too! (In between rain storms, of course) I hope it dries up for you some. Are you supposed to get any rain from the tropical storm this weekend? I think we are on Sat and Sunday, but we’re a little closer to the coast than you. Thanks for linking up at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama.