A Lot To Lose, But Everything To Gain

I’ve been so active in the past seven days; I barely recognize myself.

I’ve been up by 5:40 every morning and spent the entire day cleaning, walking the neighborhood, swimming. I realize that’s probably what the rest of you do all the time, but I usually have a pretty sedentary lifestyle, especially during the summer months when I don’t have to run to/from the schools for drop off/pick up.

I’ll be honest with you… I’m exhausted.

A Lot Of Weight To Lose, But Everything To Gain

Don’t I look exhausted? You know how you always hear that exercising gives you energy? Yeah well, I look forward to that part kicking in, because right now, I’m wiped out at the end of every day.

I’m still at the point where a 15 minute walk feels like it takes 45 minutes. I know I should be able to go for longer than that without a break. I want to go longer than that without a break. I have the drive, but my knees and ankles protest, and take a break I must.

I read online yesterday that every pound of weight you carry puts 4 pounds of pressure on your joints. I’m not going to tell you exactly how much pressure that is on my knees and ankles… but it’s a lot. It’s no damn wonder my knees are rebelling against me.

I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last seven days though, so that’s a start. I’m hoping to lose 10 by September 1st. I have about 150 to lose, give or take a few, but 10 is my baby step.

My oldest girl, Lakin, is proving to be an excellent exercise buddy. She’s a little overweight and wants to get in shape. The Nintendo 3DS she got for her birthday has a pedometer in it, and for every 1,000 steps she walks, she can unlock a new something-or-other, so she’s been pushing me to walk walk walk with her. Today, for example, I really didn’t want to do anything today, and it had rained this morning, so I was hoping to use that as an excuse to be lazy. She wouldn’t hear it though, and she pushed me until I laced up my shoes and got out the door.

I’m very grateful to have her to help me and motivate and inspire me. She’s an amazing kid.

My little sister is a great inspiration too. She’s in way better shape than me, and she reminds me that my (half-kidding) suggestion that I should make the last two boxes of cupcakes so I can eat them, so they won’t be a temptation anymore, might not be the best idea.

She tells me when I’m doing well, and when I’m only fooling myself. It’s good to have someone to keep you honest.

A Lot Of Weight To Lose, But Everything To Gain

If you’re on a weight loss journey yourself and you’d like to friend me on MyFitnessPal.com, please feel free! I’m tracking my food and exercise religiously over there and it helps me tremendously with making healthier food choices.

I have a lot to lose, but everything to gain by losing it.

I’m connecting with others via Wordless/Wordful Wednesday today! Check out my blog hop directory to see who else is participating, as well as the other blog hops that I join each week!

14 Replies to “A Lot To Lose, But Everything To Gain”

  1. 3lbs is a WONDERFUL start. I’ve lost 7 since the beginning of June, but I seem to be stuck right here. I’m hoping to get over this bump soon, since I still have quite a ways to go.

    I think it’s great that your daughter is helping to motivate you. This is a wonderful way for you to spend time together.

    1. Thanks TaMara! 7 lbs is great! Just keep at it and you’ll get over the hump and be back to losing the pounds! Seriously, if you’re not on MyFitnessPal.com, I highly recommend it (and no, I don’t work for them, I just find it really helps me to stay on target). 😉

  2. An absolutely wonderful start and seriously so proud of you. I just do what I can do around here and seriously I know busy. Lately I just don’t stop all day. I had about a week where I just didn’t even have time to work out. But thankfully I have gotten in a few days in the last week now, so I feel a bit better about that. But good for you for being active and for your weight loss goal. I truly hope you reach it and then some!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Janine! I don’t know how anyone really exercises (other than the usual running-around-like-crazy) with very young children! You’re an inspiration for getting in a real workout at all! 🙂

  3. Little goals are the best way to go. Sometimes when we look at the big picture we get so discouraged that we just set ourselves up for failure. Way to go on your loss so far and I wish you continued success in your WLJ!

    1. My big picture feels so overwhelming that I’m going to try and stick to little goals the whole way. 10 lbs isn’t very much, but I will feel so thrilled to have that first goal reached and never see those high numbers again!

  4. That’s inspiring to me… I need to try to get out and do more! I usually live a pretty active life because I work with kids, but I’m unemployed right now and, as I tend to sink into depression pretty easily (I’m on meds but the depression does sneak up on me ever so often anyway) I’ve been having trouble getting myself to do much more than just roll out of bed each day!

    1. Being active does seem to help keep the depression at bay. It’s a struggle to get up and moving every day, but having a younger (and more energetic) partner to motivate (and guilt trip ;)) me is a huge help. I wish you the best… stay in touch and we can inspire each other!

  5. Hi Heather. Okay, you just made me get on the treadmill so thank you for that! I found you on triberr and enjoyed this post and like your blog.

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