What’s On Your Fridge? {Old School Blogging} #OSBlog

Old School BloggingIt’s August… time for some more Old School Blogging! Elaine (Miss Elaine-ous) and Katie (Sluiter Nation) want to see what’s on your fridge (or in your fridge, for that matter). I’m not going to show you the inside, because it’s the day before payday and the fridge is pitifully empty, but I will show you the outside. We have a lot of magnets… in fact, we have more than what is currently on the fridge, which leads me to think that my daughters may have spirited some away to their bedroom.

For instance, I know we had a complete Hello Kitty dress-up magnet set… and it’s not on the fridge now. My guess is that it’s either scattered on Addah’s closet floor or it’s in Lakin’s new backpack, waiting for a new home in her 7th grade locker.

What's On Your Fridge? {Old School Blogging} #OSBlog

1. A few years ago, my brother Zeb and I volunteered at a Maroon 5 & Counting Crows concert and sold these M5/CC stickers (intended to “reduce your carbon footprint”)  to concert-goers in exchange for free tickets.

2. The  Alabama magnet is one of our many state magnets. We collected these on our cross-country move from South Carolina to Texas. You can see the others in the bottom right corner of this picture.

3. A postcard of Amsterdam that my friend Kelly sent to us last year, right after Clara died.

4. My brother Zeb and sister Hilary at my (first) wedding. They were 10 and 12 in this picture, the same age that my girls are now. Weren’t they adorable?

5. These are magnet sets that Lakin and Addah received for Christmas from David’s dad and stepmom.

6. An “I love you” note that I wrote David many moons ago.

7. Addah’s summer reading list… speaking of which, we need to hit the library!

7.5. I forgot to label it with a number, but up at the top, just above #8, is my Snape magnet, made from Shrinky Dink paper.

8. A Red Ribbon Week ribbon that’s been on the fridge since October.

9 . One of David’s “Graphite Web” business cards, featuring “Brown Eyed Susan” the fairy.

10. Addah’s magnet from her field trip to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC.

11. Me… from about 2000.

12. Lakin and Addah at my sister’s wedding. They were the cutest flower girls ever!

13. The elementary school supplies list.

14. David’s Uncle Ricky, who died in a car accident when he was 16 years old.

15. A magnet from Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, SC, where my brother Colin used to scuba dive with the manta rays.

16. Addah’s rainbow magnet, painted when she was in 2nd grade.

17. A drawing of David, by David.

18. A random picture of a cute cat that the girls like… his name is Jinx.

19. Lakin’s drawing of a girl in middle school.

20. An old Moss Feet Shoes pin from my old business.

21. David and I in August 2009, right after we became a couple. We just celebrated our 4th anniversary on August 8th!

22. A Fawkes the Phoenix magnet that I made with Shrinky Dink paper. (I used to have a lot of these, but they’ve disappeared in our various moves.)

What's On Your Fridge? {Old School Blogging} #OSBlog

23. A blank card with an awesome message: “laugh, live and love, in no particular order”.

24. A birthday card from my Mama.

25. Addah’s bulldog drawing.

26. Addah’s Thanksgiving turkey drawing.

27. A sweet card that my friend Melanie sent after Clara died.

28. The rest of the state magnets from our cross-country move… Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi.

I’m tagging Lizzi and Janine to show me their fridge too!

So tell me, what’s on your fridge?

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  • The coolest thing on my fridge (my mom’s, actually, since I’m staying there now) is the state magnets. When I was a kid we didn’t have a lot of money, so for summer vacation we’d always go on camping road trips, or sometimes stay at a Motel 6 in different places. The one suvinere we’d always get would be a magnet from the state or city we went to. We have a whole lot! Even now, when either my mom or I travel to new places, we bring back a magnet for the fridge!

    • That’s awesome, Angel! It’s a great tradition, and I wish I’d started it years ago… we could have collected so many in 2005, when we traveled from SC to CA! I’m looking forward to filling up the fridge with many more state magnets in the years to come!

  • Considerer

    Ha! Mine’s much less full than yours! I’ll do my best πŸ˜€

    • I still want to see it! Or show the inside instead! πŸ˜‰

      • Considerer

        Ha! I think the outside will be safer by far! I can do my best πŸ™‚

  • I saw this for the first time yesterday and was happily awaiting you doing this and tagging me. Seriously thank you for tagging me and have to get on this one now for sure!! And loved seeing all the different treasures on your fridge, too πŸ™‚

    • I can’t wait to see yours, Janine! I’ve felt so blah lately about blogging, but this was a fun post to put together… I feel like maybe it got me back into my groove a little! πŸ˜‰

  • I love all the sweet and special memories that live on your refrigerator.

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  • You have so much cool stuff on there! This is what a fridge is about. And I love your state magnets. You have one from my home state and the state I live in now! πŸ˜€

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