Insane Goals – July/August 2013 Updates

Insane GoalsOur family is working through a list of several insane goals for the year. We’re making a serious and conscience effort to work toward accomplishing these goals, as well as the goals on our 101 Things in 1,001 Days list. Overall, we’re doing a decent job of sticking to our goals, I think.

I’ve been taking one day out of every month to go over our successes and failures from the previous month. I do well with the pressure of being accountable to others, and this monthly post will hopefully inspire us to stay on task and check items off of the list. I got a bit behind over the summer, so this post is a combined update for both July and August. {January} {February} {March} {April} {May} {June}

Rebekah at has been posting her own monthly Insane Goals going too, and I encourage you to join in – it’s not too late to set goals and make changes for the year!

How We Did in July & August…

It’s been a long and busy summer for our family. Financially, things are still tight, mainly due to some mechanical problems with our car that had to (and still have to) be sorted out. Some of the issues were fairly inexpensive (overheating due to a faulty radiator cap), while others still loom over our heads and every extra penny is being budgeted for those repairs (master cylinder for the brakes, new starter and battery).

We had made the decision to stop trying to conceive, and I had actually just removed that goal from my list in June, but apparently life has other plans for us. We found out we are pregnant in mid-August and we couldn’t be more happy and excited (also scared, nervous, and worried). Our approximate due date is April 20, 2014!

I did a lot of cooking from scratch over the summer months – right up until my morning sickness and nausea poached every ounce of extra energy from my body. Meals became a lot more about convenience at that point, but David makes a delicious panini sandwich, so we’re still shunning our previous reliance on top ramen (thank goodness!). We swam as much as possible, running down for an hour between rain storms on some days. I had lost about 12 pounds, but pregnancy has brought those back rather quickly, which surprises me, since I don’t feel like I ate much beyond saltine crackers and ginger ale for several weeks.

We had a lovely and simple celebration with my family for Clara’s 1st birthday on July 1, and my wonderful friends from my June 2012 due date group created “Clara’s Day” and showered us with heartfelt expressions of their love and remembrance. It was beautiful and more than I had hoped for. David and I threw a Pokemon party for Lakin’s 12th birthday, and she loved the Pokeball fondant cake that we made for her.

David and I finished listening to “Amazonia” by James Rollins on audio book. We watched “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix (I read the book by Piper Kerman, but I actually enjoyed the show more than the book), and then started “Breaking Bad”, at the behest of my little brother Zeb. I think our next TV series will be “Game of Thrones” — we’ve heard so much about it, and luckily were able to borrow the first season DVDs from our friends.

I have been working on uploading and backing up all of my photos to Google Docs and Flickr… I used to have for collections and sets in Flickr, but it’s awesomely free now, so I’m definitely embracing that. I would love to create photo books of each year of my kids’ lives, as money will allow.

I dropped the ball on blogging this summer. I’m not entirely sure what happened with my fervor for writing — I think it was a combination of the kids being home all the time, so not having “me time” to sit and process things like I normally do, and the nausea and exhaustion of early pregnancy, but I have barely been pushing out 3-4 posts a month over the past couple of months. I definitely want to get back to my usual volume of writing, but it feels like I’m having to relearn those old habits. In other words, it’s proving difficult for me to get back up to speed. As a result, my blog income dropped off almost entirely over July and August, but I’ve got some new opportunities coming up that I’m pretty excited about!

Moving on to September… it’s hard to believe it’s almost time for holiday planning!

I have updated my original Insane Goals post below, with completed goals crossed out and new additions added in italics.

Insane Goals for 2013

Life Goals

  • Save $1000 in an emergency fund. (meh… )
  • Take a vacation.
  • Donate blankets and diapers to the hospital in July {in memory of Clara}.
  • Swim at least 4 times every week.
  • Participate in Greenville’s Zombie Walk.
  • Attend Renaissance Faire in Charlotte, NC.
  • Read 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 books!
House Goals
  • Organize/declutter: my work area & filing cabinet, our bedroom, sewing area, our closet, girls’ bedroom, small bathroom.
  • Container gardening – herbs/vegetables
  • Paint coffee table/foot locker to match the living room.
  • Backup all photos/documents to second source (just in case).
  • Create photo albums of each year of the girls’ lives.
Cooking Goals
  • Use bread machine more!
  • Freeze casseroles for nights when I don’t feel like cooking. {June} {July} {August}
Parenting Goals
  • Get pregnant!
  • Encourage the kids to be more self-reliant.
  • Get the kids and their chores sorted out!
Blogging Goals {Heather}
  • Increase my monthly traffic. {Jan} {Feb} {Mar} {Apr} {May} {June} July August
  • Post at least 15 times per month. {May} {June} 
  • Increase blogging income every month. {Apr} {May} {June} 
  • Minor redesign elements.
  • Write more guest posts.
Work Goals {David}
  • Go back to school!
  • Finish setting up RedBubble shop.
  • Sell at least one original drawing.
Kid Goals
  • Have a sleepover with a friend. {Lakin}
  • Go to Frankie’s Fun Park.
  • Save $50 and open a savings account. {Addah}
  • Save $50 and open a savings account. {Lakin}
  • Set up loom and make a small blanket. {Addah}
  • Work on my book every month. {Lakin}
  • Plan party for Lakin’s 12th birthday.
  • Plan memorial event for Clara’s 1st birthday.

Knitting, Crochet & Sewing Goals

  • Finish queen-size ripple blanket. {crochet}
  • Finish David’s stripey socks. {knit}
  • Finish 5, 10, 15, 20 blankets for hospital/loss donations. {knit}
  • Make 3 skirts for each girl. {sew} (Addah – 1 finished, Lakin – 1 finished)
  • Finish 50, 100, 150 diapers for hospital/loss donations. {sew}
  • Finish 5 pairs of socks for Mama. {knit} (2 completed, 1 in progress)
  • Start/finish rainbow baby afghan. {knit}

Insane Goals 2013

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  1. So happy to see a new post from you and have missed you, but trust me I totally understand 1st trimester pregnancy nausea as you know from both my pregnancies and feel for you. Hope you are feeling a bit better for you and also so excited for you that you are indeed pregnant again!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Janine! 😀 I’m hoping to keep up the blogging this time… I need to re-establish some kind of writing schedule. I got too used to sitting, knitting, and being lazy. 😉

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