“Capture Your Grief” Project 2012

In October 2012, I joined the “Capture Your Grief” photography project, hosted by Carly Marie. This project honors Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This is the pictorial story of our youngest daughter Clara’s full term stillbirth on July 1, 2012 and the grief that we’ve endured since.

Capture Your Grief - Sunrise

Capture Your Grief - Self Portrait Before Loss

Capture Your Grief - Self Portrait After Loss

Capture Your Grief - Treasured Item

Capture Your Grief - Memorial

Capture Your Grief - What Not To Say

Capture Your Grief - What To Say

Capture Your Grief - Jewelry

The wonderful ladies in my June 2012 due date group (on TheBump.com) sent me this beautiful engraved silver necklace with Clara’s name & her birthstone. When I wear it, I am reminded not only of our baby, but also of the generosity of those who reached out to comfort me when I needed it the most.

Capture Your Grief - Special Place

This special place is my family’s property. It’s in the mountains, about an hour’s drive from where I live now. It’s a wonderful place, a magical place where I used to play as a child with my siblings and cousins. It is where Clara Edith’s headstone is placed, in the family cemetery (off to the left in this picture) where her entire family will rest beside her, one day.

Capture Your Grief - Symbol

Capture Your Grief - Supportive Family

This is my family – my two brothers, one sister, mama & papa – helping to set Clara’s headstone in our family cemetery.

Day 12 - Scents

David and I often light incense at the end of a long day to relax. The scent of nag champa makes me feel safe and peaceful, and reminds me of better days, when our baby girl was still kicking and healthy and ready to be born any day.

Capture Your Grief - Community

The sweet ladies in my June 2012 due date group sent me a big envelope full of cards, each with a beautiful and caring personal message. David and I went through each one a few times, tears falling from our eyes, overwhelmed by the kindness of people who did not know us at all, but who cared about us and our child all the same.

Day 16 - Release

Capture Your Grief - Due Date

Capture Your Grief - Family Portrait

Day 19 - Project

Capture Your Grief - Shrine

Capture Your Grief - Hospital

Clara was born still at St. Francis Eastside in Greenville, SC. I was cared for by some of the most amazing nurses I’ve ever met. They were kind, sympathetic and willing to listen to my grief at all hours of the day/night, for the entire week I was there. I am grateful that David and I received such thoughtful care in those first awful days.

Capture Your Grief - Ultrasound

Day 24 - Siblings

Capture Your Grief - Baby Shower

Capture Your Grief - 42 weeks and 3 days

Capture Your Grief - Artwork

An Homage to Clara, by my very talented husband David

Capture Your Grief - Memory

This picture was taken the first time we held Clara, about an hour after she was born still. We had just found out she was gone an hour before that, so it was still a huge shock to us. We had thought we were going to the hospital to have a baby that would be coming home with us.

Day 29 - Music

My sister-in-law played a beautiful oboe piece for Clara’s memorial service.

Day 31 - Sunset

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