Knit Baby Loss Blankets

I am creating knit baby loss blankets, for the parents of stillborn babies.

These blankets will be donated to St. Francis Eastside, the hospital where our stillborn daughter Clara was born. We plan to donate the first bunch of blankets in the first week of July 2013, in honor of Clara’s 1st birthday.

This project will stay “in progress” for a really long time, if not forever. I will be making as many of these loss blankets as I can. This page will serve as an ongoing listing of each blanket that I complete.

Each blanket that I make is knit from 100% cotton, so that they are easily washable and very soft. They range in size from 18″ to 36″ square, so that they can be used for stillborn babies from 20 weeks to 4o+ weeks gestation. Some are knit in a plain garter stitch, some in a diagonal pattern, and some in a feather and fan lacy stitch pattern.

12/8/12: Two finished ~ one for a boy, one for a girl.
– Pink/white variegated & Blue/chocolate brown variegated

12/14/12: Two more in progress ~ one boy, one girl (purchased yarn for at least 6 more blankets).

12/20/12: Four blankets finished, two more in progress.

  • Blue/green/purple/white
  • Neutral variegated
  • Pink/white/purple stripes
  • Pink/purple/green variegated

Knit Baby Loss Blankets

1/3/12: Six blankets finished, one in progress.

3/4/13: One still in progress…

3/9/13: Finished blue/white variegated (seven total)

3/13/13: New blanket started – blue/green variegated

3/15/13: Finished blue/green variegated (eight total)

3/18/13: New blanket started – peach/tan variegated

3/20/13: Finished peach/tan variegated (nine total)

3/23/13: New blanket started – bright pastel variegated

3/25/13: Finished bright pastel variegated (ten total)

3/28/13: New blanket started – red/purple/green variegated

4/04/13: Finished red/purple/green variegated (eleven total)

4/09/13: New blanket started – green/blue/cream variegated

4/12/13: Finished green/blue/cream variegated (twelve total)

4/13/13: New blanket started – lavender/teal stripes

4/15/13: Finished lavender/teal stripes (thirteen total)

4/17/13: New blanket started – denim blue

4/18/13: Finished denim blue blanket (fourteen total)

4/20/13: New blanket started – white/teal stripes

4/22/13: Finished white/teal stripes blanket (fifteen total)

4/24/13: New blanket started – white/pink stripes

4/25/13: Finished white/pink stripes blanket (sixteen total)

4/25/13: New blanket started – white/yellow stripes

5/1/13: Finished white/yellow stripes blanket (seventeen total)

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