The Importance of Reading

I love to read. I love to be ensnared by a great book that begs me to read it all night, staying up way too late with a wholly inappropriate amount of respect for how quickly morning will come. We have an absolute ton of books in our house, bookcases in every room with books […]

If The Shoes Fit…

I haven’t been writing much this week, except inside my head. I’m sewing again, trying to breathe a little air into my old business, Moss Feet Shoes. I had made four pairs of shoes for Clara, and made the difficult decision to try and sell them for some extra income. Three of the four sold […]

The Beauty of Poverty

I never planned to be poor. It just happened that way. I was raised poor, checking the couch for coins for gas money and scrimping for groceries, not shopping at certain stores because they would no longer accept my mother’s checks. I vowed that I would not be poor when I got older. As an […]

Graphite Web – Fantasy Fine Artwork!

David has launched a website – Graphite Web – for his artwork, as well as an art blog, and it’s getting a great response! He’s encouraged and motivated — and creating more than ever these days. I’m so proud of him! 🙂


I think that’s about it, synopsis over. I’m about 3 weeks away from being 100% completely and totally done with all orders and I do not plan to take more. Instock knits and shoes… yes. Custom anything… fuggetaboutit.

And on a personal note…

Not too personal, since this has evolved into mainly a knitting and business blog, and since a little chunk of my hits are from those whom we choose not to talk to…. but I digress. Our car has been out of commission for nearly 3 weeks now. First it went in for a brake drum […]

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