Knitting To Stay Sane

I’m having a rough week, so I’ve been doing a lot of knitting to stay sane. Knitting is my “go to” project when I’m struggling, and it hasn’t failed me yet. Focusing on the details gives me something to think about that doesn’t hurt or make me sad, and many times, finishing a project gives […]

Happy 12th Birthday, Lakin!

My oldest daughter Lakin’s 12th birthday was yesterday, but she’s decided that she’s not “officially” a year older until exactly 10:55pm, the time she was born on July 16, 2001. I was going to post these pictures yesterday, but she requested that I wait until she was “actually 12”. So, here we are! We had […]

Fondant Cake Decorating Tips & Hints for Beginners

Our oldest daughter is a Pokemon fanatic, so we’ve been planning a Pokemon birthday party for weeks. Originally, we talked about making a six layer cake, similar to the rainbow cake from two years ago, and then shaping it and icing it to make a Pikachu Pokemon cake. It’s still a great idea, but for […]

Husband’s Delight Freezer Casserole Recipe

On holidays and birthdays, it’s our tradition that the honoree chooses their favorite dish. It’s only fitting that David’s choice for Father’s Day was a family favorite – Husband’s Delight Freezer Casserole. On a day that was destined to be very sad and difficult for my beloved husband, I was glad that I could offer […]

Yarn Flower Wreath – Crafts by Kids

My super crafty daughters and I have created a sweet new yarn flower wreath for our front door! One of Addah’s Christmas gifts was a Martha Stewart knitting loom, and she’s kept pretty busy with it, weaving potholders and knitting squares for a blanket. She found directions in the booklet for creating yarn flowers and […]

Diapers for Stillborn Babies

I’ve been sewing diapers for stillborn babies and NICU loss babies, in addition to the knit baby loss blankets, for the hospital where Clara was born. I have joined the team at Teeny Tears, who have a wonderful program in place. They have an easy pattern for teeny diapers, in two sizes to fit babies […]

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