Five Things About Me – Old School Blogging

Today I’m linking up with Elaine (Miss Elaine-ous) for some old school blogging. This month’s topic is “five things about me”. Join in (please!) and link up so we can read all about you! Five Things About Me… Five Things I Have a Passion For My family – I am completely in love with my husband and […]

When I Was Younger…

When I was younger, I had a grand vision of how my life would be when I got older. I thought I would go to college. I was a smart kid, after all, and I had a dream of an advanced education and subsequent career that would just unfold like magic. That’s just the way […]

My Daughters’ Names

What’s in a name? Choosing my daughters’ names was not a task that I took lightly. We made many lists, and considered ancestry, word origins & the meanings of different names. First names have to flow properly and sound right with the middle and last names. There’s so much to consider, because you are not really […]

Easter Flashback Pictures

It’s time for an Easter Flashback! I love looking at pictures of my big girls when they were little. Looking at the girls now, at 10 and 11, it’s hard to believe they were once so toddler chubby adorable, so kindergarten sweet. Where did those years go?! I’ve picked out some of my favorites from […]

5 Stupid Things I’ve Done – #FTSF

I’m late but I’m still joining in with “Finish the Sentence Friday”, hosted by Janine at Confessions of a Mommyholic. This week’s sentence to finish is “I did something stupid once…” and if you choose to join in with your response, make sure to go link up so everyone can read what you think about social […]

Old School Blogging

Today I’m linking up with Elaine (Miss Elaine-ous) and Heather (Theta Mom) for some old school blogging. Back in the old days of blogging, we used to pass these little lists of questions around and “tag” each other and then we would read and laugh and smile at each other’s answers. Fun! Join in (please!) […]

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