Living My Life & Finding The Words

I click over to the back end of my blog at least once a week, sometimes more. I know it doesn’t look like it… the blog looks deserted and a little bit dusty. I’m still here, dear reader, living my life, trying to find peace and happiness in all the little things around me, and […]

A Million Ups and Downs

I’m going through a million ups and downs this week, so I’m defaulting to a {nearly} Wordless Wednesday, instead of my usual Wordful version. I’ll be back shortly… I do have a lot to share with you all. Don’t forget that from now until July 1st, 60% of all sales through will be donated […]

Overcoming Anxiety

I have become so very reclusive in the months since Clara died. I have struggled with overcoming anxiety for as long as I can remember, but now it’s a combination of anxiety and depression and fear-of-sobbing-in-public that makes home a safer place to stay. I’m not complaining. I like being at home. I’m comfortable at […]

Grief and Anxiety at the Grocery Store {Scriptic}

The simplest of responsibilities and tasks have taken on momentous proportions, since Clara died. I have social anxiety and it can get pretty intense at times. I’m not a fan of crowds or loud noise, and when you combine the two, in a Christmas shopping expedition, for example, I become grumpy and short-tempered. I shut […]

Silence Has The Loudest Voice

Some days are better than others. I say that over and over, to everyone who asks how I am. Honestly, the truth is more that some moments are better than others. I can’t remember when I last had an entire day that wasn’t filled with sadness and emptiness and tears, intertwined with little bits of […]

Balancing Act

I’m having a lot of trouble getting into any kind of groove, now that we’ve moved. I’m feeling more than a little overwhelmed. Things in my family are good… very good in fact. The girls are happy in their new schools, and we finally sorted out the mess of school records, forms to fill out, […]

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