Fondant Cake Decorating Tips & Hints for Beginners

Our oldest daughter is a Pokemon fanatic, so we’ve been planning a Pokemon birthday party for weeks. Originally, we talked about making a six layer cake, similar to the rainbow cake from two years ago, and then shaping it and icing it to make a Pikachu Pokemon cake. It’s still a great idea, but for […]

Husband’s Delight Freezer Casserole Recipe

On holidays and birthdays, it’s our tradition that the honoree chooses their favorite dish. It’s only fitting that David’s choice for Father’s Day was a family favorite – Husband’s Delight Freezer Casserole. On a day that was destined to be very sad and difficult for my beloved husband, I was glad that I could offer […]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake!

The “Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake” was the hit of Lakin’s 10th birthday party, to be sure! Everyone loved it… especially the birthday girl, which made me feel great. I don’t consider myself to be all that proficient in the kitchen, but this cake rocked! There are quite a few recipes for making a rainbow […]

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