Free Printable Valentine’s Day Treats (Part 1)

I love Valentine’s Day!

I love having another excuse to tell my husband and kids how much I adore them. I love that I can easily find cinnamon red hot candy at the grocery store. I love creating Valentine’s cards for my nieces and nephew. I love helping my kids pick out which cards they want to give their classmates at school.

Last year, the girls asked David to draw some Valentine’s cards for them to give to their friends. They gave him a whole list of ideas and were on standby throughout to give creative direction. He did an amazing job, and I only wish I’d thought to scan them all in before they were gifted away, because I know you all would love them too.

This year, when the girls wanted more “Valentine’s Day Treats”, I remembered to scan them! The artwork is all David Webb {Graphite Web} original drawings, and the rest of the design is my handiwork.

We’ve got three designs for you today, and more coming tomorrow.

Please feel free to download any or all of the Valentine’s cards for your personal (non-commercial) use. They print out beautifully on cardstock and can be easily cut apart for gifting to family, friends, and classmates!

Valentine Card - Bubbly Fish
“I’m all bubbly over you, Valentine!” – Bubbly Fish Kissing
Pink border | Orange border | Teal border |  Black border | All


Valentine Card - Mailman with Sweet Mail
“There’s something sweet coming your way, Valentine!” – Mailman with Sweet Mail
Navy border  | Lavender border | All


Valentine Card - Daisy Flower and Sweet Candy Hearts
“I’m sweet on you, Valentine!” – Daisy Flower with Sweet Candy Hearts
Green border | Pink borderPurple border | Blue border | All
I hope you enjoy our Valentine’s Day Treats! Don’t forget to check out part 2 and part 3 for more free printable designs with original illustrations by David Webb {Graphite Web}!

An Homage to Clara

I posted on Sunday that David had finished his drawing of Clara. It is just so lovely, that I must share it.

David started a drawing of a newborn around the middle of March, right before Spring Break. He tinkered at it for a week or so, and then started a second job. He had precious little time for drawing, and so it went on the back burner.

A month or so after Clara died, he came across the drawing and we were astounded by how accurately she was portrayed. He finished the color work on it this week, and added Clara’s bunny and the butterflies that the grief counselors at the hospital included in her memory box.

It is gorgeous, as his artwork always is… but this one is so special, such a perfect representation, both of how she looked at birth, and how she might look today, if she had lived.