Birthday Crash

Every week I participate in “Stream of Consciousness Sunday”, hosted by Fadra of The idea is to type for 5 minutes, a brain dump of sorts, and then to publish without editing the writing at all. I was intent on yesterday being perfect. My older daughter turned 10 and I planned it out, how […]

Out of Darkness, Into Light

Today is the 10th anniversary of The Destiny Manifest! When I wrote my first blog post, I was 9 months pregnant with my older daughter. I had convinced myself I would have a June baby, but as the calendar rolled over to July, I realized that the decision was never mine to begin with. I […]

The Best Laid Plans

My older daughter has been diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder & Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She will be 10 years old in July. Lakin has always been a challenging child, warm and sweet one minute and raging like a bull in a china shop the next, with no provocation needed to set her off. We made […]

Mental Purge

My kids are not attending Stone Academy this year. The principal found out that we moved and decided that instead of sitting on this knowledge and letting us slide, he would reward an awesome volunteer and chairwoman of Arts Alive 2008. I’ve had to give up chairing Arts Alive for this coming year… I let […]


Bipolar disorder gives me colors, hues that “normal” people can’t understand. My mania is the color behind your eyelids when you look at the sun with your eyes closed. It burns brightly and strongly, and it is hard [so hard] to turn away. You can’t move–it’s just there. My depression is the black-blue in the […]


I go through phases. Distractions. Obsessions. It occurs when I am depressed, and don’t want to face work, bills, life.  Sometimes it’s my same favorite books, reread over and over, every night, sometimes for months.  For a while, it was sudoku.  Right now, it’s World of Warcraft, and Facebook’s Packrat game, and knitting an endless […]

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