InstaFriday – 9/13/13

It’s Friday! I’m excited to share my week in pictures via Jeannett’s InstaFriday link-up at Life Rearranged. I’m thedestinymanifest on instagram, if you’d like to follow me. I’m excited that I finally feel like blogging again… it’s been too long since my desire to write matched up with my ability to sit and write without […]

An end of November update

Nothing conclusive to report as far as being pregnant or not being pregnant goes. Still no period, and I just started taking my temperatures last week, so that’s not really helpful in establishing a pattern. I’m on day 63 of my cycle. I’ve been nauseous every day, some days more than others. I’ve had migraines […]

Car Issues

My license is suspended right now and my car doesn’t have a tag… long story. Short version is that when my old car broke down in December last year, I wasn’t driving it so let my insurance lapse for 2 months. I bought my current car in February but due to miscommunication the tag never […]

Mental Purge

My kids are not attending Stone Academy this year. The principal found out that we moved and decided that instead of sitting on this knowledge and letting us slide, he would reward an awesome volunteer and chairwoman of Arts Alive 2008. I’ve had to give up chairing Arts Alive for this coming year… I let […]

Mechanical Nonsense

Well that was far too good to be true. We were so excited to get our car back on the road after such an extended time in the gifted Buick from my Grandma. We drove to the post office and commented on how nice it runs, how quiet it idles, how happy we are. Leaving […]

SC Legal

We went out today to get all of our car paperwork in order (from when the guy stole everything when it was in the shop). We had a lien release from Ford, had to pay for a new car title, go downtown to pay the property taxes, back to the DMV to get a new […]

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