My Life In Numbers

33 – the number of years I’ve been alive 37 – the number of years my husband has been alive 1,415 – the age difference between my husband and I, in days 1997 – the year I graduated high school 1 – the number of colleges I’ve attended 0 – the number of colleges I’ve […]

The Beauty of Poverty

I never planned to be poor. It just happened that way. I was raised poor, checking the couch for coins for gas money and scrimping for groceries, not shopping at certain stores because they would no longer accept my mother’s checks. I vowed that I would not be poor when I got older. As an […]

Being Single

Being single, a single parent, has been the toughest job i have ever had. Being single in a married world is lonely and isolating. For instance, camping, where i am with couples and their kids. I watch them have small, intimate moments at the campfire. Little nods and smiles, caresses and giggles exchanged. Even the […]


Drew and I were divorced at 9:30 this morning. It’s really over, finally. “And it’s so hard to do and so easy to say. But sometimes – sometimes, you just have to walk away.”from “Here Comes the Sun” by Ben Harper

7 years ago.

Seven years ago today, I married a wonderful man. We were young and idealistic, in love and absolutely certain that we would be together forever, that we would beat the odds and grow old together. We were mistaken in some ways. In other ways, I think we were more right than we knew. The divorce […]

Eight Months

Eight months of solitude,of living alone,sleeping alone,crying alone,being alone.I see your face twice a weekand sometimes morebut it’s not the same face,the same smile,that it used to be.At least once a day I ask myselfif I made the right decision,and I envy youbecause you know I didand you’re gratefulthat I made it for you.I’ll be […]

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