The Absence of a Particular Friend

This week, I’m participating in “Stream of Consciousness Sunday”, hosted by Jana of Jana’s Thinking Place. The idea is to type for 5 minutes, a brain dump of sorts, and then to publish without editing the writing at all. It’s been a hell of a week. We had the support and love of so many this […]

Love from Friends on Clara’s First Birthday #loveforclara

This past Monday, July 1, would have been our youngest daughter Clara’s first birthday. She was stillborn at 42 weeks 3 days gestation, and we found out she had died when we went to the hospital to give birth to her. It has been a difficult year for my husband and I, and we have […]

The Best of Friends

I love it when my daughters are the best of friends. There is very little that can brighten my mood like ┬áthe sight of them playing and grinning, the sound of their giggles. It doesn’t happen as often as I would like — in fact, it seems that much of their time together is spent […]

Overcoming Anxiety

I have become so very reclusive in the months since Clara died. I have struggled with overcoming anxiety for as long as I can remember, but now it’s a combination of anxiety and depression and fear-of-sobbing-in-public that makes home a safer place to stay. I’m not complaining. I like being at home. I’m comfortable at […]

Nineteen Years, My Valentine

In 1994, I was 14 years old and I had a major crush on the artist for the school newspaper. He was a good friend, sweet and funny and more talented than he realized. He had a girlfriend and I didn’t think he would ever think of me as more than just a buddy to […]

You Say Knit, I Say Purl… A Knitting Friendship

I introduced my best friend Lee to knitting about a month ago. She picked it up fairly quickly, watching YouTube videos when she would get stuck and I wasn’t around to help rescue dropped stitches. We are naturally drawn to completely opposite knitting projects. The two of us are opposites to the end. You would […]

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