An Update on the Move…

Well it’s taken a big part of my day and a lot of cursing at the laptop, but I’m here, operating on WordPress. Some of my links are broken, my sidebar is definitely not looking up to par… I’ve got a lot of work to do before this place feels like the home I am […]

Moving On Up – Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

Just wanted to issue a little warning that I’m migrating The Destiny Manifest from Blogger to WordPress (self-hosted). Over the next day or so, you may notice some glitches or dead links. I am working on fixing all issues as quickly as I can, and crossing my fingers that this will be a simple and painless […]

Welcome to Texas!

We are settling nicely into our new home in Texas! The trip was… an adventure, to say the least. Comedy of errors might be a more apropos way of putting that, but in the end we made it! Finances fell through with the moving truck, so we ended up putting our precious belongings into a […]

In a Manic Rush

Every week I participate in “Stream of Consciousness Sunday”, hosted by Fadra of The idea is to type for 5 minutes, a brain dump of sorts, and then to publish without editing the writing at all. I went on a bit of a tangent today, I suppose… I needed to vent the stress from […]

So Little Time

It’s been a busy week and still, there is so much to do. We’re moving on the 15th, only 11 short days from now. We have a very long list of things to do between now and then, from sorting through storage boxes and packing our belongings to organizing and holding a yard sale. I […]

A Ray of Hope

Just when we thought that all was bleak and things would never get better, a ray of hope shone through the clouds. I received an email yesterday from a dear old friend who I’ve known for almost 20 years, and she offered us a golden opportunity. Melissa has offered us a place to stay at […]

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