Diapers for Stillborn Babies

I’ve been sewing diapers for stillborn babies and NICU loss babies, in addition to the knit baby loss blankets, for the hospital where Clara was born. I have joined the team at Teeny Tears, who have a wonderful program in place. They have an easy pattern for teeny diapers, in two sizes to fit babies […]

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas #loveforclara

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation seeks to inspire people to practice kindness and to pass it on to others. That sounds just wonderful to me. That’s what the Christmas season is all about, to me. I believe that you can (and should) perform Random Acts of Kindness at any time (all the time), for […]

First Day Home from the NICU

Today is Addah’s first day home from the hospital NICU! Lakin isn’t sure what to think. She didn’t get to see Addah in the hospital, as she was too young to come into the NICU, even for a moment. All she had seen was a polaroid photograph that a nurse took for us, and the […]

10 days old!

Addah Shannon weighs 4 lbs 3.5 oz. as of this morning, and she is 10 days old. I decided that I could not sit in the NICU for another morning only to be disappointed again. I went in at 10 this morning to nurse Addah, and just as I was getting up to leave, the […]

Seriously? – NICU Disappointment

We got up early this morning to bring our baby Addah home, finally! My sister stayed out of school to watch Lakin and we were up at the NICU by 7 this morning. We hung out all morning up there, only taking one 30 minute break to grab some food. At 11 this morning, a […]

So disappointing

Our  visit to the NICU was so disappointing, in every other than seeing our sweet baby. We were told that we could take Addah home today but when we came in at 9 this morning, her temp had dropped to 96.9, which reset the doctor’s orders to have temps over 97 for 48 hours. I […]

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