Rainbow Tinted Mason Jars – #WW Link-Up

I’ve had this pretty little Pinterest project for rainbow tinted mason jars saved for a long time, and I finally decided to give it a whirl. I love everything about this project… the mason jars and the bright rainbow colors! Not being able to use these particular jars for food storage or drinking anymore is […]

2013 Ultimate Blog Party #UBP13

This week I’m participating in the 2013 Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! I’m looking forward to meeting other bloggers and finding new blogs to read and follow! Welcome to The Destiny Manifest! I started blogging at The Destiny Manifest in July 2001. I was pregnant with my first child and decided […]

Coins… Beautifully Displayed

David and I have amassed a large coin collection… buffalo nickels, Indian head pennies, Kennedy half dollars and an array of old game tokens from various video game parlors from our high school years. We have several glass jars full of these coins, and when I saw this beautiful framed coin display on Pinterest, I […]

Permission to Pin? {Pinterest}

Were you aware that you need permission to pin images on Pinterest? The recent changes to Pinterest’s terms of use basically say that you agree that you must either own the images you are pinning, or that you have been given the right to pin something. The terms of use also state that when you pin […]

It’s Halloween ~ Time to Decorate!

We’re gearing up for Halloween this weekend! We still have costumes to make, pumpkins to carve, and cookies and pumpkin pie to bake… so much to do and so little time! For our decorations this year, I turned to Pinterest and found so many wonderful ideas! This week, while watching several episodes of Doctor Who in the […]

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