The Aftermath of the Storm – A Poem by Heather

Yesterday, I shared a poem that David wrote after we witnessed the most beautiful sunset at a nearby park. Today, I share the poem that I wrote at the same time. We didn’t read each other’s work or exchange ideas until after we had finished writing. I think it’s fascinating, seeing the similarities and the […]

The Hungry Earth – A Poem by David

We spent yesterday evening at a new park near the airport, where the sky is more open than I’ve seen since we left Texas. It inspired both David and I to write. Today, I share David’s eloquent poetry. Tomorrow, I will share mine. The Hungry Earth My watery eyes gaze transfixed upon the ocean of […]

A Crisis and Faith

David and I each had a crisis of faith,┬áin the week after Clara died. David was raised a Baptist, raised to believe in God and Jesus and Heaven and Hell. There are a thousand ways to go to Hell and one very narrow path that leads to Heaven’s gates. He was taught to believe that […]

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